Let's have a talk of a lifetime

At Williams Funerals we say pre planning your funeral can be like having the talk of a lifetime. Pre planning is an opportunity to complete your funeral preferences,  even more importantly, it is an opportunity to share your personal reflections. Share with generations that will follow you, the people and events that helped shape your life. Stories and anecdotes that ensure the essence of your character and nature lives on.


Pre-paid Funerals

It is very clear that those who preplan their funeral do so out of love and concern for those who will survive them.  “I want to reduce the burden,” is said by many.

It is true, prepaying funeral expenses and noting family historical information certainly reduces an element of burden on surviving loved ones, and noting funeral preferences can be helpful also.  I would just propose a thought to consider, funerals are for the benefit of the living. Your funeral will be about you, but it will be for those who survive you.

A funeral that is unique and personal and planned carefully with consideration for the mourner’s needs helps families begin healing.

Let our experience help you put in place instructions and plans that will balance the important benefits of noting your thoughts and preferences while ensuring your future funeral really helps your loved ones begin healing. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss options for preplanned and prepaid funerals with you. Consultations can be made at our premises or at your home if that is more convenient.