Helpful tips for you..

Delivering a eulogy for a friend or family member is a wonderful way to participate in the funeral service. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of the life lived, and to remind friends and family of the memories and legacy left behind

Talk to at least 2 or 3 close family members and/or friends. Detail the spouse(s), children, grandchildren even pets. Trace the person’s life through school, tertiary education, to the workplace and career(s). Note any sports, hobbies, community groups or particular passions. Where had the person lived/travelled? Are there any special achievements/accomplishments?

  • Introduction
  • Person’s early life and education
  • The career (workmate anecdote?)
  • The hobbies and interests
  • The ‘family’ person
  • The qualities, achievement and legacy
  • Closing (fitting quote?)